Want to find out how we do it? Read on!

You can send us your wheel with the tire still mounted. We will dismount the tire and check it for damage. If the tire is OK, we will remount & balance it after the wheel is finished.

We check each wheel for damage. If the wheel is bent, we use special machines and tools to straighten it, check it for cracks (Heliarc welding is used when necessary) and check it for integrity (the good news is that only 1% of damaged wheels cannot be repaired).

We use a specialized lathe to confirm the roundness of the straightened rim. In cases where we have to weld the rim, the lathe can be used to shave the weld bead for perfect roundness.

The next step is to carefully remove the old finish with a bead blast. (Sand blasting and chemical removers are too harsh for the metal).

We then prep the wheel for the final step. This process includes sanding, polishing, and machining.

The final step is to match the factory's tough epoxy finish. All manufacturers do it a little different. We are experts at matching those finishes.


See what European Car had to say about us in the December 1996 issue.

Factory finish not distinctive enough? We do custom finishes--custom paint, custom polish; custom plating (our tri-metal process uses Nickel and Copper, then Chrome for a lasting result). We also do combinations.
Tell us what you want. If it can be done, we will do it.

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