Why Tru Wheel?

There are several companies that straighten and repair damaged wheels.

How can you choose which one to entrust with your repair?

1. Look for a company with experience.

The two owners of Tru Wheel have a combined total of 19 years of experience in refinishing and repairing wheels for show cars and street cars; for insurance companies, body shops, commercial fleets and individuals.

After years of working for other companies in the business, they believed they could do better for customers and feel better about their work if they set out on their own.

Tru Wheel was established in 1993, and has repaired or refinished over 12,000 wheels since.

The number of wheels that Tru Wheel could not repair is less than four dozen in that time.

The number of wheels that have failed after repair is zero.

2. Look for a company that cares.

"There's no point in doing this if we can't take pride in our work", says Mike Rivera, co-owner of Tru Wheel.

"We will never allow this business to get to the point where we cannot physically touch every wheel that comes through here. We are the final quality control decision-makers."

"We will drive on any wheel we have repaired."

3. Look for a company that is honest

"We've seen some fairly sleazy tactics in this business--it's one of the reasons we started out on our own.

"Now, we never have to promise to repair a wheel in 24 hours and then make excuses. And we don't 'discover' more damage after we start the work. We make a time and price commitment up front and stick to it. It helps us sleep better at night, and it's fairer to our customers, too," says Mike.

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